Encore Quality Matters (EQM)

Our Commitment to Quality Control/Quality Assurance: Encore Scientific is committed to delivering on its promises of top quality products with verified quality data. Our team of experienced professionals is devoted to product quality at every turn. We have adopted ISO 9001:2015 standards as well as strict observance of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as the baseline of principles that comprise our EQM Quality Program. All Encore materials are vigorously inspected by in-house and/or outsourced analytical laboratories to ensure each and every lot meets or exceeds our EQM Quality Program standards.

With decades of industry experience, our team provides the unique advantage of ensuring our products are compliant with applicable FDA, USP/NF standards.

How is the EQM Program Unique:

1. Every Lot is Thoroughly Tested In-House

Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) as well as additional chemical identification testing, solubility, and physical analysis, each lot of every Encore product is analyzed to ensure quality.

2. Continued Validation Confirmation

For every custom or pre-pack order, Encore provides continued validation of our quality product by maintaining strict written and audited label control procedures. Further, continuous production audits are performed throughout the packaging process, including a second identification test at the end of the packaging process.

3. Encore is an FDA Registered, cGMP Compliant Company

Because of this, we only work with like-minded manufacturing partners. We are committed to go above and beyond to achieve our quality standards by partnering with FDA registered, cGMP certified manufacturers when available. Encore’s extensive vendor qualification & validation process, paired with routine audits of our manufacturing partners, ensures quality and consistency of our products. Encore Scientific supports the Natural Products Association.