Topi-Click® Micro w/ Rounded Applicator, Blue, 9ml (.05ml/click)

SKU: TO009

    The New Topi-CLICK Micro™ is an answer to the industry’s demands for an accurate, consistent way to deliver a micro-dose of topical medication! Each click of the base dispenses 0.05 mL of your topical through one of 3 applicator options.

    SKU Size PriceQuantity
    TO009-09R-90025 25 pack
    TO009-09R-90250 250 pack


    Dispenser Volume: Up to 9.75 mL
    Delivery Volume: Up to 9 mL
    Dispense/CLICK: 0.05 mL
    Approx. Residual: 0.15 mL
    Approx. Priming: 0.10 mL or 2 CLICKS


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