Glyceryl Monostearate, Powder, Food Grade

SKU: GL006
  • CAS Number: 31566-31-1
  • Molecular Formula: 


  • Molecular Weight: 358.56

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SKU Size PriceQuantity
GL006-057-00500 500GM
GL006-057-02500 2.5KG
GL006-057-12000 12KG
GL006-057-45000 45KG

Synonyms: Glycerin Monostearate; Glycerol Monostearate; Monostearin


Encore Scientific is an FDA Registered, cGMP Compliant company.  All Encore Scientific products are packaged and stored under current Good Manufacturing Practices.  All of our non-graded materials have passed through our rigorous in-house TSIRG certification program.


Light Sensitive; Keep in tightly closed, light-resistant containers.


No certifications currently available