Precision Purchasing

Buying product in bulk appears to offer substantial cost savings. But the initial per kilo price break could end up costing your company a great deal more. The hidden fees and operational inefficiencies with excess inventory are often overlooked when considering total project costs.

Encore Scientific is a true custom resource for your chemical needs. We are continually updating our product line in order to supply exactly what you need, made to order, just in time. Contact us to see how we can meet your specific needs!

“As VP of Operations, I have spent days, weeks, months trying to identify further cost savings for our team. I recognized that typically a product isn’t disposed of until two or even three years after purchase. These disposal fees are not figured into total spend on a project, nor are they usually reflected back on. And that is exactly what Encore is here for…. to help you minimize this type of waste and maximize your profitability.”

Tiffany Hamilton, Vice President of Operations