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We provide innovative products and processes never before seen in the practice of personalized healthcare. Our product offering includes an extensive selection of the most frequently requested, top quality products with verified quality data.

Equipment & Supplies

As a customer, you’ll have the added advantage of our strategic business partnerships.  Through these relationships, we have the ability to offer you a full range of equipment, supplies, and accessories to outfit a laboratory of any size.

Consulting Services

Our customers have exclusive access to the only educational consultant in the industry that offers USP<800> compliant lab design and workflow analysis tailored to your specific business model. This comprehensive assessment provides observations and corrective actions for safe and efficient workflow habits to avoid potential contamination.


USP <800> facility and engineering compliance is not as difficult as you may think. The goal of our industry-specific consultant is to design a conceptual project for independent pharmacies using a simple process. A successful design project is best accomplished through collaborative contact with your team and local contractors.

The USP <800> Design Process

We get to know your business.

This is a unique directive that other design groups don’t consider. Understanding your current script ratios, as well as future projections, are an important first step to developing a room design.

We design a floor-layout for optimal workflow.

We start by designing a floor-layout for safe and optimal workflow. This process evaluates current equipment and performs an assessment of additional equipment needed for compliance.

We develop a working model for your General Contractor.

The goals of your project are unique, and most general contractors will need direction. Our design consulting process demystifies the facility and engineering details, and provides the tools required for a successful design project.

3po Program

Three Packaging Options. Pre-Pack. Custom Pack. Multi-Pack.

Pre-Pack sizes are available for immediate purchase directly on our website.

Custom Pack sizes allow you to order the exact quantity your formula requires, eliminating costly waste.

Multi-Pack helps you to achieve operational efficiency and alleviate cross contamination concerns. Gain the purchasing benefit of bulk orders, while receiving multiple smaller containers for each station in your pharmacy.

Our exclusive 3po Program provides a solution that will allow you to maximize productivity, minimize waste, and increase operational efficiency for your business.

About Us

Our compounding pharmacy market focus provides unique solutions that fuel the success of our business partners. Our vision is to lead the industry in state-of-the-art technological advancements to foster a more efficient and patient-focused business for our customers. Common in our entrepreneurial thread, and driven by our passion for innovation, we will relentlessly pursue cutting-edge product and process technologies to better serve our partners, allowing you to spearhead industry trends.


It’s time to take back control of your pharmacy. It’s time for an Encore.

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