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Experts in Topical Preparations

From our proprietary topical bases and raw ingredients, to equipment, supplies, and consulting, Encore is your complete resource for topical innovations. Backed by over 70 years in the pharmaceutical industry, we provide a rare level of expertise in the formulation and development assistance of the highest quality finished product for your specific project.

Ready-Made Topical Bases

Simplify your production process with our high quality transdermal delivery vehicles. Our ready-made bases have been carefully formulated with optimal characteristics for a pharmaceutically elegant finished product. White papers available for download.

PenSomal Cream

PenSomal Cream is a premium base specifically formulated to optimize the penetration of a wide array of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It has been designed to complement all of your transdermal applications and to deliver a pharmaceutically elegant finished product.

RenewCream Natural

RenewCream Natural  is an elegant, PEG-free/Paraben-free cream base designed to offer a gentler option for your topical applications, while assisting in replenishing the skin’s natural moisture. Commonly used in HRT formulations, this all natural base can be an excellent choice for any topical preparation.

DermaShield HydroGel

DermaShield HydroGel is a water-washable, occlusive gel base formulated to concurrently deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients to burns, cuts, ulcers, and wounds while protecting the application site.

PolyMac ProGel

PolyMac ProGel employs a smooth, anhydrous silicone gel enriched with humectants, antioxidants, and other specialty ingredients. Its hydrophobic properties make it an excellent choice for barrier protection of scars and other skin conditions.

Equipment & Supplies

As a customer of Encore, you’ll have the added advantage of our strategic business partnerships.  Through these relationships, we have the ability to offer you a full range of equipment, supplies, and accessories to outfit a laboratory of any size.

Encore Innovations™

The R&D phase can be expensive and time consuming. No matter what stage your project is in, Encore Innovations can relieve you of the research and development burden and simplify your process with project-specific consulting packages. During your initial free 30-minute consultation, we’ll identify the level of support required for your individual project.

You have the idea, we have the resources to see your project through from concept to creation. With over 70 years of pharmaceutical experience, we will be your trustworthy resource for the formulation and development of a top quality finished product.

Improve your existing formula with our Product Enhancement Consulting. We can provide formulation adjustments to help the look, feel, and effectiveness of your finished product.

Is your project complete but you need to scale up production? With our Contract Manufacturing capabilities, we’ll coordinate and manage your large scale production to meet your go to market strategy.

If you’re setting up a new lab or expanding your existing facility, we can help you navigate the comprehensive list of equipment specifications and recommend a package that is best suited for your operation’s needs.

About Us

From pharma to food grade, Encore Scientific is your complete resource for top quality raw ingredients, lab and manufacturing equipment, ready-made topical bases, lab design and equipment consulting, and formulation support. Focused on Monographed products from our FDA registered, cGMP compliant 42,000 square foot facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our team of experienced professionals is committed to delivering on our promise of offering the highest quality products all with verified quality data. Encore is the true custom resource for your specific ingredient, equipment, and consulting needs.