2018 End of Year Sale

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35% Off All Bases

PenSomal Cream is a premium base specifically formulated to optimize the penetration of a wide array of active pharmaceutical ingredients. It has been designed to complement all of your transdermal applications and to deliver a pharmaceutically elegant finished product.

PolyMac ProGel employs a smooth, anhydrous silicone gel enriched with humectants, antioxidants, and other specialty ingredients. Its hydrophobic properties make it an excellent choice for barrier protection of scars and other skin conditions.

RenewCream HRT is an elegant, PEG-free/Paraben-free cream base designed to offer a gentler option for your topical HRT applications, while assisting in replenishing the skin’s natural moisture.

DermaShield HydroGel is a water-washable, occlusive gel base formulated to concurrently deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients to burns, cuts, ulcers, and wounds while protecting the application site.

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